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Extrusion may also be a direct or indirect method.


Direct extrusion

Direct extrusion is the most common method of extrusion, can also be referred to as forwarding extrusion. Firstly, the billet that is to be extruded is placed in a heavily walled container. The billet is then pushed through the die using a ram or screw. It is known as forwarding extrusion because the billet and the ram are moving forward in the same direction.


Indirect extrusion

Indirect extrusion is also gone by the name backward extrusion. In this method, the billet and container move in tandem while the ram and the die remain stationary. This is accomplished by employing a stem, which must be longer in length than the container. In this way, the billet is forced through the stationary die. This method eliminates nearly all of the frictional forces,and the flow of the metal during the process is more homogeneous, so the performance of the product is more uniform.

Indirect Extrusion Advantages

Ever since its foundations,GoldEx has been focusing on the R&D of indirect extrusion technology and has become one of the most well-know manufacturers of seamless tubes in South China.

Direct Extrusion Indirect Extrusion
Treatment of billet before extrusion No processing and treatment on the surface, a small quantity of oxide layer involved in the extrusion process. Make hot peeling on the casting rod before the extrusion to guarantee the surface quality of the product,
The feature of metal flow Defects are easily formed due to the uneven metal flow and great friction, which will affect the shape and dimensional precision of the product. Even metal flow, no backflow, no friction and little extrusion stress.
Product texture  performance Uneven metal flow leads to the uneven texture of extruding products. More even metal deformation makes the product texture and performance more uniform.

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