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  • Seamless Tubes

Seamless Tubes

We offer seamless aluminum tubes and tubing based on advanced indirect extrusion technology. Our facilities are equipped with numerous extrusion presses to produce tubes in a wide array of dimensions, and after extrusion, a subsequent cold drawing process ensures a precise final dimension and high mechanical strength for all aluminum tube. This enables us to offer aluminum tubes with smaller diameters and thinner wall thicknesses. Annealing and quenching are available to increasing hardness and increase ductility if necessary. We also offer cut to length services with a high tolerance and exceptional measurement accuracy to meet your needs.

seamless tubes

    As an ASTM, EN, and JIS certified factory, nearly all manufacturing processes are completed in house, ensuring an excellent quality and offering additional cost benefits. Our aluminum tubing and tubes meet even the strictest customer requirements, and are used in a variety of demanding applications, including SLR (single-lens reflex film camera) lenses, organic photo conductor (OPC), electrolyte battery shell, shock absorber, ski poles and more. Our quality has been proven time and time again, and we are now an upstream material supplier for internationally known companies such as Federal-Mogul, Denso, Canon, Sony, and more.

The following tables are a guide to the dimensions we offer:

Tubes with a small outside diameter or thin wall thickness can be produced by a subsequent cold drawing process to achieve the final dimensions and tolerances.


Seamless Tubes

We are currently manufacturing all kinds of aluminum alloy from 1000 series to 7000 series that cover the mainstream alloy used in various industries,such as optical device,office automation equipment,automotive industry,bicycle and motorcycle,sports equipment,consumer electronics,aviation industry,industrial equipment.

We have a number of extrusion presses equipped with mandrel piercing capability. This allows us to extrude a large range of extruded tubular dimensions from a number of different billet diameters. The size range for seamless extruded tubes ranges from 4 mm to 120 mm in diameter.

Goldex Capability


We use a self-developed aluminum bar production system consisting of a whole set of modern industrial casting equipment configured to optimize


Indirect extrusion (backward extrusion) is one of the keystone technologies used by GoldEx. We have invested heavily into these systems

Cold Drawing

We have a number of cold drawing production lines equipped with 50T hydraulic drawing machines that maximize stability. We also utilize

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