• Facilities

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Our casting house is equipped with double rotor on-line hydrogen removal equipment (SNIF), two-stage filtration system and tubular filtration system. Many kinds of alloy can be produced with guaranteed billet quality.


GoldEx has 4 double action indirect extrusion lines with gas preheating furnace, hot peeling machine, water-vapor quenching system and so on. We have been focusing on the R&D of indirect extrusion technology and now we have become the most well-known manufacturer of aluminum indirect extrusion in South China.


Cold Drawing

Equipped with drawing machine, rolling mill, straightener and smoothing mill, we can meet the processing needs of precise aluminum material.

Thermal Treatment Furnace

We have aluminum alloy annealing furnaces and quenching furnaces, which can meet the needs of various temper of aluminum alloy products.

die processing

Die Processing

We can process our own extrusion and drawing dies so that the shorter delivery time can be achieved.

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